Music is enriching, uplifting and inspiring all at the same time!

Regardless of your age or previous musical experience, you can learn music! Not only is music enjoyable and rewarding to learn, but numerous studies have shown that music tuition improves memory, develops creativity and assists with cognitive and comprehension skills. The Sound Centre School of Music offers lessons for students and adults of all ages and levels of experience by highly qualified and dedicated teachers.

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Lesson Types

With a range of one on one and group lessons available, there is a lesson type available for every age and experience level.


One on One Lessons

Private one on one lessons across a wide variety of instruments in one of our fully featured teaching rooms.

Highlights of Our Private Lessons

30 minute lessons with highly experienced teachers at great prices

Wide range of lesson types and instruments available

For all ages and every experience level

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Music For Little Mozarts Group Lessons

These fun, dynamic group classes are designed to introduce children between ages four and six to the joy of music in a relaxed environment.


Fun, dynamic group classes

Help develop listening and aural skills

musical games, singing, rhythm movement, and playing percussion instruments

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Tiny Musicans

The Tiny Musicians Program is designed to give your child the best musical start at a pace that allows them to explore their potential in a relaxed and supportive space. Create lasting memories together and pass on the gift of a lifetime - the love of music.

Highlights of TINY MUSICIANS

Mindfulness Action & movement for gross and fine motor skills

Percussion to develop rhythmic skills

Dancing to develop social skills and friendships

Music appreciation by listening

Singing to encourage pitch

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Now at two locations!

School Of Music Morley

School Of Music Morley

Northside Music Warwick


Our Amazing Teachers!

All our teachers are extremely proficient in their instrument and have a wealth of teaching experience, as well as experience working in bands or as performers. Their passion for music assures a comprehensive musical education will be delivered. For your peace of mind, we also ensure that all of our teachers have current Working with Children Checks.

School Of Music FAQ

General Info

Lesson Info

Why Learn Music?

Did you know?

Countless studies have shown higher grades are achieved by students who practice music, especially in Grades 4–7. Students may gain up to a year in NAPLAN scores in reading if they participate in arts education. 7


With music physically changes the brain, especially in the language processing regions.

The Benefits

Of learning a musical instrument include increased comprehension and math skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory. ... Playing music will make learning easier by involving both sides of the brain in the process.

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