Band 4 Life - Rock Band Program

School of Music Warwick is excited to announce its launch of an exclusive live rock band program, “BAND 4 LIFE”.

This program enables singers and instrumentalists of similar musical abilities, to join forces, exercise their talents, and learn about all aspects of working together as a band.  From the rehearsal room, to the performance arena.

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What does it mean to… “be in the band?”


Being in the band is not just about a bunch of hopefuls making noise together, trying to make it huge and take over the world, man! It’s not just about jumping around on a stage in front of everyone as if to say, “Look at me! Look at me!”

(Although… all of that is kinda part of it).


When you are IN THE BAND, you are part of a team in which each individual contributes their own artistic talents to achieve a common goal.  You and your band-mates will work together, test each other, and encourage each other to reach the band’s potential.  All in the name of creativity, fun, entertainment, and of course… great music!


What is “Band 4 Life”?

Participants will be coached by industry professionals, and experience all the benefits of:

  • Auditioning for a band
  • Starting & naming your own band
  • Meeting and hanging out with like-minded musos
  • Learn how to jam together as a band
  • Play a bunch of sweet tunes
  • Writing your own tunes
  • Record Industry and marketing tips
  • How to best prepare for a gig
  • Do a gig

“Who Is Running It?”

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Neil Colliss and Dez Richardson are both currently active professional musicians in our Perth scene.

Neil Colliss [Guitarist / Recording engineer / Producer / Technician] is currently the lead guitarist for local covers act Slim Jim and The Phatts, and also performs as a solo artist. He has toured and supported artists including The Screaming Jets, Hoodoo Gurus, Mental As Anything, Pseudo Echo, Jimmy Barnes and Mark Seymour.

Dez [Vocalist / Multi-instrumentalist / Recording Artist] is currently the frontman for local covers act Dr. Bogus, and primary song writer for original theatrical rockers The Brown Study Band. He also sings for numerous live showcases attributing to a range of great artists such as Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Tool, The Blues Brothers, and System Of A Down.

Dez & Neil look forward to pouring a combined 30+ years of industry experience into their brand new course that offers today’s aspiring musicians the dream-start that they can only wish they had!

“Am I Suited To This?”

We are looking for SINGERS, DRUMMERS, GUITARISTS, BASS PLAYERS, and KEYBOARD players. You will need to have a certain amount of competency on your instrument of choice, such as the discipline to a play a complete song. That is, from start to finish!

You will be matched with other musos of similar ability, which will be assessed during a very relaxed and casual audition process. You must be prepared to commit to weekly sessions, (within good reason) on the understanding that it is hard to play “as a band” when the band’s not there!

You must be willing to do your homework between sessions to ensure your band can advance each week.

If this is you, and you want to ROCK OUT IN A BAND… then we want YOU! If you are unsure, please feel free to enquire with School of Music Warwick, and we can have a chat about it.


Where, When & How Much?


BAND 4 LIFE will take place Sunday afternoons at School of Music Warwick in Warwick, commencing from April 28th (start of term 2).

Sessions will run for 90 minutes.

Guitarists - please bring your guitar. Everything else, including drum kit, amps, mics and P.A. system will be supplied by Northside.

Cost is $45 per week / per individual.

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