Bass Lessons

Our bass teachers are extremely skilled in electric bass guitar, and can teach a range of genres including rock, blues, funk and jazz and techniques such walking bass and slap bass.
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Instrument FAQ

Fact Sheet: Bass Lessons

Lesson Locations: Morley & Warwick

Lesson Length: 30 Minutes

Class Type: Private, one on one lessons

Styles: Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Walking Bass, Slap Bass

Pricing: Lessons are $35 per half hour session

Bass Teachers

Find out more about the teachers available this semester.


Rita Myo Han

Rita Myo Han is an accomplished guitarist with extensive experience in live performance and teaching. She can teach a variety of styles including rock, pop, punk, acoustic, blues, metal and jazz and can also teach ukulele.

Rita has completed her Bachelor of Secondary Education (Music Major and Instrumental Music Minor) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Eldar Ekic

Eldar has been playing guitar since age 11, and has studied many styles including contemporary, rock, classical, flamenco, jazz and blues. He studied jazz for 2 years at WAAPA, and has extensive experience performing alongside respected blues musicians in Perth.

He has gained a reputation as a highly regarded blues musician and has performed in various bands in Perth, including, “Old Blood” which has featured on Triple’s J’s unearthed competition. He has been teaching for over 6 years.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Niall Ridgeway

Niall started learning guitar at a young age, and is an accomplished performer and teacher. He has played in numerous bands around Perth and is currently studying at WAAPA, specialising in music teaching.

Niall is also proficient in bass, banjo and ukulele and can teach many styles including rock, blues, metal, folk and world music.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Shaun Jennings

Shaun Jennings is a professional musician and teacher, graduating from WAAPA in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma of Music (Contemporary), and has been teaching piano and bass for over 7 years.

Shaun’s goal as a teacher is to provide a lesson that engages each students own interests and pushes them to improve their abilities whilst getting the most enjoyment out of music as possible.

Shaun can teach a variety of styles and can prepare students for AMEB examinations and auditions.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Daniel Connell

Daniel is an accomplished musician who has been performing in original band and cover bands for 20 years, both in Perth and on tour overseas.

He has been teaching acoustic and electric guitar and also electric bass and vocals for some time and has an extensive knowledge of music theory. A new teacher to Sound Centre in 2019, we are sure his students will enjoy his lessons and friendly personality.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Michael Willis

Michael has been teaching since 2010. He is a prolific musician and songwriter, who has been a part of many original and cover bands around Perth. He is a rock music specialist and superfan.

Lesson Locations: Warwick

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