Vocal Lessons

Our vocal teachers are highly qualified and versatile teachers, and are able to teach a diverse range of vocal styles including contemporary, jazz, funk, blues, soul and more, whilst also imparting correct technique to bring out the best in their students.

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Instrument FAQ

Fact Sheet: Vocal Lessons

Lesson Locations: Morley & Warwick

Lesson Length: 30 Minutes

Class Type: Private, one on one lessons

Styles: Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Metal

Pricing: Lessons are $35 per half hour session

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Zoe Golovoda

Zoe Golovoda has been a professional vocalist for many years, performing in numerous venues around Perth. She has been fortunate enough to work with prestigious artists in the music scene, such as Guy Sebastian, Christine Anu, Drapht, Coin Banks and Melonie Daniels-Walker.

Students will engage in breathing exercises and warm ups, look at technique, improvisation, rhythm, intonation, song writing, strengthening vocal registers and releasing vocal tension. Lessons are tailored to the individual, allowing vocalists to achieve their personal musical goals.

Zoe has an Honours Degree in Contemporary Music Performance and a Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance both from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and has been teaching for about 5 years.

Lesson Locations: Morley


Cain Cressall

Cain has a wealth of experience as a singer, songwriter and vocal coach/producer. As a performing artist in the genre of heavy metal, Cain has toured throughout Australia, Europe, the USA, Canada and Indonesia.

He has recorded vocals for numerous highly regarded Australian bands and has been invited as a guest speaker to the Museum of Popular Culture in Seattle for a conference on vocal technique.

Cain has extensive knowledge of safe and effective vocal techniques and can teach a wide variety of vocal styles, tailoring his lessons to suit the personality and preferred musical style of each student. Cain is a new teacher to Sound Centre in 2019 and we are sure his students will benefit from his extensive experience in the music industry and his passion for teaching!

Lesson Locations: Morley


Eliza Kan

Vocal Lessons

Lesson Locations: Warwick


Jordyn Halliwell

Vocal Lessons

Lesson Locations: Warwick

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